REDBIRD is an innovation-driven artificial intelligence company with products and services that include FPGA chips, CLUSTAR AIOS (Artificial Intelligence Operating System) and AI Solutions.


One-Stop AI Operating System
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Key Technologies

GDR high-performance network middleware
GDR, also known as GPU Direct RDMA, can make the most of network bandwidth and accelerate AI model training efficiency. It is also highly compatible with major machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.
Gradient Aggregations
Clustar AIOS supports a variety of gradient aggregations such as Parameter Server, Ring AllReduce, 2D-Torus Ring AllReduce, and ParaExpress to accelerate distributed deep learning training.
Contrary to the traditional software solution, Clustar AIOS well combines container technology and RDMA to bypass Linux kernel, boosting the speed of inter-container communication.
Encrypted Data Computing
Data used for model training is encrypted to ensure that data sets are fundamentally secure.。
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